Thursday, February 18, 2010

With Sorrow and Love

My grandmother is in the hospital. As my last surviving Grandparent and beautiful soul I am feeling worry that I haven't felt in years. Not since my freshman year of college when my mother's mother passed away have I experienced heart wrench like this.

We all feel worry. Worry about making a deadline. Worry about paying our bills. Worry about fitting into our jeans. But the worry that you feel when the life of someone you love is in danger is incomparable to any other worry in the world. It feels like I a piece of you is on a thread and slowly, someone is unraveling you. Your soul is exposed with each pull. Hopefully, there's a cross stitch that will stop it from coming completely undone. Hopefully, you won't fall apart when the thread pulls away. And maybe, you will get the chance to mend the loss with a small variation in texture, that few would notice unless you point it out.

We are blessed with love in humanity.

We are privileged to have the love of our friends and family every day. And we are also ticking clocks whose time on earth will not last forever. Remember to love more than you hate, smile more than you frown, and take the time to be more thankful for the things you have than spiteful for the things you want.

To my friends and family, I love you all and am so thankful to share my life with you. I ask for your prayers for Bestamor, my beautiful grandmother, as she passes from this life.