Friday, October 15, 2010

The Flaming Lips Experience: House of Blues Orlando 10/14/2010

When a show begins with a band entering the stage through a doorway in a psychedelic vagina, it's probably gonna be good.

The Flaming Lips entered and a warm, positive energy filled the room. Giant balloons flew through the air as confetti exploded and fog machines billowed blankets of fog accross the stage. Wayne Coyne made his monumental entrance in his big plastic bubble and we all got a chance to push him around the crowd as he surfed in style.

The show gradually got better and better. Song two and Wayne is singing seated on the shoulders of a costumed bear. Fantastic. Why haven't I seen them live before?!

And let's talk about the light shows that occured through out the night that included giant laser hands, disco balls, mucho fog, and gigantic strobe lights. Probs to the technical crew, well done.

I have only one complaint. To the elderly gentleman with a dragon breath and ear hair portuding from your glow in the dark ear plugs: you continued to back into my personal space and looked genuinely dissatisfied. Thank you for eventually moving. It greatly improved the 2nd half of the show for me :)

The show was a full fledged experience. Wayne has this amazing genuineness to his speech, as if he means everything he says, and everything he says comes straight from his heart. They closed with 'Do you Realize' and it was so beautiful I can finally disassociate the song from the crappy movie, Garden State. Thank G for that.

Two giant thumbs up.


  1. "I can finally disassociate the song from the crappy movie, Garden State." LOL.

  2. :) I speaks the truth. Cant wait for fest and halloween fun with you, B!

  3. Dang Zach Braff. He ruins everything.

    I saw the same show up here in MD and it was great, they filmed it for their DVD. I even held up the hamster ball! My only complaint is that Wayne gets a little whiney insisting that the crowd get excited. Just chill, Wayne.

    Still, getting kind of jealous of all these shows you are going to. I gotta make a point to get to some more this year. Line some stuff up for November :)